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In many instances, businesses and property owner associations (i.e., HOAs and COAs) require ongoing legal services. These services lead to legal fees which can be irregular, hard to predict and difficult to budget in advance.


Many large organizations eliminate this uncertainty by hiring in-house counsel. 

Of course, while nearly every business and POA would greatly benefit from have an on-staff lawyer, very few can afford that luxury. 

Recognizing that, we've created a hybrid version of the in-house counsel model.


It's called the

Outside General Counsel.

As Outside General Counsel, our firm can fulfill recurring, or semi-regular legal needs through a package-based service plan that suits you best. Utilizing us as your Outside General Counsel allows your organization financial predictability and the security of knowing that your legal needs are covered.


And the best part is,

our packages cost far less than hiring in-house counsel or paying a law firm on an hourly basis

We invite you to learn more about the options we have available through the links below. 

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