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Worry less. Live better.

Ordinarily, our firm’s blogs are devoted to explanations of legal concepts and how those concepts might impact you and your family. While this information might be helpful to the curious or concerned, the days in which we are currently living call for something deeper, something that reassures us that stillness, steadiness, calmness and, most importantly, a sense of peacefulness are not outside of our grasp.

My partner, Cody, and I began building our practice in the late fall of 2016. When we did, one of our fundamental goals was to create an environment that enabled us to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. However, serving our clients well goes beyond providing quality legal services. It also requires empathy, insightfulness and understanding. Often, we will meet with people who have underlying worries and concerns that they struggle to articulate or understand. In the cacophony of woes echoing and re-echoing so loudly in our world, being able to identify and unpack your own true thoughts and fears is, in itself, a difficult challenge.

Consider the example of an elderly woman who has been recently widowed. From an objective, legal standpoint, it is important to ensure that her late husband’s affairs are properly addressed and that her estate plan is revised to account for her husband’s death. But the current carrying her into our office runs much deeper than handling administrative tasks and updating paperwork. She is now living in a world in which, perhaps for the first time in many years, she is alone. Disoriented by lingering grief and overshadowed by fears of an uncertain future without her partner, she really just wants help to find her footing again. To know (not just hear) that everything is going to be okay. To feel solid ground under her feet and know that she has a plan. If we can help guide her in those matters in meaningful ways that help her to re-achieve some peace of mind, we become more than lawyers.

In a world that is increasingly humming with anxiety, we want to work alongside you to help you find a measure of calm and stability. Our overarching goal is simple: enable you to worry less so that you can live better. It is about stripping away the anxiety you feel about an unknown future and building a concrete foundation on which you can stand in confident relief. It is about expelling worry from your mind so you can spend more of your time and energy on the things that really matter. It is about helping you lay down steel train tracks which you can confidently and assuredly follow into your future. And it is about reminding you that we are alongside you for the ride.

We want to help you live better by worrying less. Call us today to find out how we can help.


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